For a Better You

Four Salts understands how important these four essential minerals are for the body. Without optimum pH-level, your body will have difficulty shedding out toxic waste. When your body is rich with these highly important nutrients, you become stronger and healthier. You will also have better resistance to physical and emotional stress.

We do it because we care

The people behind our company have experienced and seen how acidic diet affected negatively the lives of many people. They strive to bring you only the best organic minerals, sourced from manufacturers which meet the strictest European Food Standards regulations. This means every health claim is backed by independently proven scientific proof. We work with the leading food standards consultancy to ensure everything we say is accurate.

We bring you products that are at the forefront in terms of alkaline diet. Our company is passionate to spread more information about the benefits of alkalinity and how Four Salts Supplements are the best possible way to address maintaining the alkaline design of the human body. Together we work on delivering you the most affordable and most bioavailable type of alkaline salts.


If you don’t experience any benefits using our products, we don’t deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full refund up until 30 days of your purchase. We believe in excellent customer service and your purchase is not final until you’re completely satisfied.